Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck
Thomas P. Rood
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How Do I Find a Financial Advisor?

In Paycheck Independence Day, Thomas Rood points out that beginning investors and other amateur investors would be wise to find a Financial Advisor.

You can find just about anything on the Internet including a Financial Advisor. In the search box below, type in "Financial Advisor" followed by your city and state.

You will probably find many websites of Financial Advisors in your area. Depending on where you live, many of them will probably be within easy driving distance. But, before you meet face-to-face, take a good look at their website and try to see if they are someone who interests you.

If you want to live your life the Paycheck Independence way, ask questions like "Do they mention anything about Income Investing?"

Once you become interested in a Financial Advisor, go back to your search box, enter the Financial Advisor's name (or company name) followed by the word "reviews".

Established Financial Advisors should return numerous pages with reviews. Beginning Financial Advisors will not. If you do not get a number of links specifying reviews, that might be a warning sign. But, do not eliminate someone from consideration based only on that. It could be that an incredibly talented Financial Advisor has just started his or her own company and simply doesn't have a lot of reviews yet.

Once you have a list of candidate Financial Advisors you will need to either call them or meet face-to-face. Whichever path you choose, you will need to know what questions to ask before you can decide who will be your Financial Advisor.

If you want to live your life the Paycheck Independence way, the first and most obvious question for your candidate Financial Advisor is "Have you read Paycheck Independence Day?"

If the answer is "Yes", right away your candidate Financial Advisor has an understanding of what your investing goals are. If the answer is "No", do not eliminate the Financial Advisor solely on that. Recommend that he or she read the book in order to get a better understanding of what your goals are.

The last thing I would suggest comes from my own personal experience. I read a book called Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach. The Table of Contents lists "Steps" instead of "Chapters". In Step Eight, there is an excellent section on how to find a Financial Advisor. It includes a number of questions to ask when you meet the Financial Advisor. I suggest you pick up a copy of that book and read that section.