Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck
Thomas P. Rood
Let's Find $500
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Media Coverage of Thomas Rood and Paycheck Independence Day

Thomas Rood with Sheba Turk of
"The 504" TV show in New Orleans
The 504
with Sheba Turk
New Orleans, LA
Sheba Turk liked Paycheck Independence Day so much that she asked Thomas Rood to do two segments on her show.  You can see both segments in this one video. Watch
Sac & Co
with Mellisa Paul
Sacramento, CA
Mellisa Paul interviews Thomas Rood about his new book Paycheck Independence Day on her television show, Sac & Co, from Sacramento, CA. Watch
Yahoo! Finance
The Daily Ticker
with Lauren Lyster
Lauren Lyster of The Daily Ticker does a satellite interview with Thomas Rood in San Francisco, CA about his book Paycheck Independence Day. Watch writer Buck Wargo explains how Paycheck Independence Day can make your retirement funds last longer
Thomas Rood writes about Job Security vs. Income Security on
CEO Magazine
CEO Magazine features an article by Thomas Rood on how to prepare yourself to start a business.
Other Media Coverage
Radio talk show Finesse with Felicia in Austin, TX featured Thomas Rood and Paycheck Independence Day

Thomas Rood was interviewed by Larry Bennett with radio station KJBN 1050 AM in Little Rock, Arkansas

Thomas Rood was interviewed by James Munroe with radio show 680 News in Toronto, Canada

Magic City Morning Star includes Paycheck Independence Day in its Book Basket