Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck
Thomas P. Rood
Let's Find $500
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Attention Everyone Who Uses Their Paycheck to Pay Bills

Can't Get Out of Debt? Good News! Getting Out of Debt Is NOT STEP 1

Revealed on This Page:

Stop Feeling Desperate About Money

Dear Friend:

Do you have money problems? Do you have credit card debt? Haven't been able to save up that years' worth of expenses you're supposed to have in case you lose your job? Does it seem that no matter how hard you try, you never seem to get ahead financially? Have you given up hope? Have you accepted the fact that you'll never be able to live the life you dreamed of? Don't feel bad. Look around you. Almost everyone feels the same way. I used to feel like that, too.

I would try to pay down my credit card debt. It would work for a couple of months but then an unexpected expense would come along and the credit card balances went right back up. Every time I tried to pay them down, something bad would happen. I would have to put another expense on a credit card and I could never pay them off.

What about saving up that years' worth of expenses in case I became unemployed? How hard is it to put money in a savings account earning less than one percent when you're carrying credit card balances and paying interest of 18 percent or more? How do you NOT touch that money when everyone else is buying a house, getting a new car, or talking about that great vacation they just came back from?

It was one of the most depressing times of my life until one day I said "ENOUGH".

All of the So-Called Experts Are Wrong

I was trying to manage my money the way all of the so-called experts said to do it and I found out the hard way: IT DOESN'T WORK. They know how to "sound" smart but they aren't.

Are you MAD enough to do something about it? Are you ready to make a COMMITMENT to YOURSELF?

I realized that if I continued doing what the phony experts said to do, I was going to have to work 40 or 50 years just hoping I saved up enough to retire. I was going to have to live a life of abstinence doing without all of the things that others could have. I was depressed and then I got MAD! How mad? Mad enough to do something about it.

That was the day I made one of the most important commitments of my life. I made a commitment to MYSELF that I was going to solve this problem.

Fast Forward 11 years later: I had been working a software engineering contract for a couple of years and the contract ended. It's been one year and three months since then and I still haven't looked for a job. My wife and I have paid all of our bills on time and we have not hurt our financial position in the least. So, what happened to change all of this?

I created a money management system that let me stop needing a paycheck to pay bills. I originally just called it "Tom's good-old money management system" but then I wrote a book so everyone could do it and I changed the name. This is my contribution to everyone who has money problems and wants to make the commitment to solve them just like I did. The book is called:

Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck

This book is SO REVOLUTIONARY, George Washington wanted to be on the cover.

  That's George. He's on the cover.

Anyone Working a Job Can Do This

The most important thing this book teaches you is that anyone working a job can do this. You don't have to buy rental properties or start a business. You just have to work your job and manage your money correctly. How nice is that!!!

You will also learn:

Let me explain some of this to you.

You Need A LOT LESS MONEY Than You Think

Everyone I know, including me, does this one very stupid thing. They ask "How much income will I need to generate from investing in order to not need a paycheck to pay bills?"

Then, they take their monthly expenses and multiply them by 12. They think the result is how much money they will need from investing to stop needing a paycheck to pay bills.

This is really dumb. By my own admission, at first, I did it, too.

Consider this:

Getting Out of Debt is NOT Step 1

It's no fun being in debt. It's even less fun getting out of debt. But, if you want to solve your money problems forever, you don't start by trying to get out of debt. Why? Because you will most likely fail, just like everyone else.

There Are DIRE CONSEQUENCES If You Continue What You Are Doing Now

Will you still be working in your 50's, 60's, and beyond?

Maybe you've had money problems for so long you have become comfortable with them. Sorry, but I'm going to kick you out of your comfort zone. It's way overrated anyway.

  • You are going to work 40 to 50 years just hoping you saved up enough to retire. (No one needs to work more than 10, maybe 15, years before they no longer need a paycheck to pay bills.)
  • Depending on your current situation, you might not even need 10 years to stop needing a paycheck to pay bills.
  • You are one recession away from financial disaster.
  • You survived the last recession? That's no guarantee on the next one.
  • You have job security and your boss really likes you? If your company gets bought, your boss will be the first to go and you'll be part of the procession out the door.

Relying on a paycheck to pay bills is very risky and it's so easy to eliminate that risk.

If You Don't, You Could Lose Millions of $$$

What if you decide to NOT read Paycheck Independence Day? Let's look at an example. We'll call him John.

John got out of college and immediately started managing his money the Paycheck Independence way. After 15 years, John no longer needed a paycheck to pay bills and that included having his home paid off. Way to go John!

John was still young and decided he would work for another 20 years. Why not? He didn't need a paycheck to pay bills and all of that net pay was going to be his to do whatever he wanted with it. John decided he would invest it.

John did not make a whole lot of money. His net pay was $1000 per week for a total of $52,000 per year - not big money by any measure. But, by saving $52,000 per year for 20 years, at the end he would have $1,040,000.00. John would be a millionaire! Or, would he?

John would have a million dollars if he put the money in a sock under his mattress but John was going to invest it. He chose a mutual fund because over time many of those average an annual rate of return of about 10%. By investing that money, after 20 years his $1,040,000.00 would be worth:


If John had not read Paycheck Independence Day, he would have lost almost $3,000,000.00.

How much is your net pay? Click on this link to the US Securities and Exchange Commission website (opens in a new tab) and calculate how much money you will have after 20 years of investing your net pay. That is how much money you will lose if you do not read Paycheck Independence Day.

Do you know what saddens me? You have an opportunity to solve your money problems forever AND get rich, and you may just pass it by.

I think it's worth a few moments of your time to see what you will gain by reading Paycheck Independence Day.

The Secret is HOW You Manage Your Money

It amazes me how many people think you have to start a business or invest in rental properties to get rich. They say ridiculous things like "You'll never get rich working for someone else." Actually, "You'll never get rich managing your money the way the phony experts tell you to do it." Don't believe me? Are you doing it their way? Are you rich?

These same people say things like "Money isn't everything." Is there really anybody on the planet dumb enough to think "Money is everything?" I don't think so. People are a lot smarter than you think. As I said in Paycheck Independence Day:

"Money doesn't have to be everything in order to be important. It can be less than everything and it's still important that you learn how to handle it and manage it."

Here are some things Paycheck Independence Day will teach you:

Ahhh, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

The Life You Always Dreamed Of Can Now Be Yours

Think of everything you wish you could do but can't because you need a paycheck to pay bills.

What is it YOU dream of? What would YOU do if you did not need a paycheck to pay bills? Get ready because those opportunities will soon be staring you in the face.

Meet Thomas Rood - "I am an expert at losing my job."

I confess. I love what I do for a living. I'm a software engineer and I work solely on a contract basis. It's my policy to take three months off when a contract ends. Do you know what I do during that time? I'm kind of embarrassed to admit it. I do software projects for myself. Yep. That's how much I love software engineering.

And it's true what it says in the heading. I am an expert at losing my job. As I wrote in Paycheck Independence Day:

Two things happen on every contract, no exceptions. The contract begins. And, the contract ends.

And when the contract ends, I am unemployed and I don't have a paycheck to pay my bills.

Many people who work employee jobs have continuous income. They don't have to worry as much about how they manage their money as I do. On the other hand, I can take three months off when I want (or longer) and they can't. But, I can only do this because I don't rely on a paycheck to pay my bills.

I became an expert at money management out of necessity. There was a true sense of urgency and no comfort zone. It was quite motivating.

I hope you are as motivated to solve the money problem as I was. If so, let's get started.

How Do I Stop Needing a Paycheck to Pay Bills?

I'm glad you asked that question.

The first thing you must do is read Paycheck Independence Day.

Now, you must be wondering "If I buy the book from this website, can I trust them with my credit card and personal information?"

Good news! You don't have to. We don't sell the book on this website. Paycheck Independence Day is only available at

After you read Paycheck Independence Day, come on back to this website with your questions. We're even working on a set of Tools you can use to do everything the book tells you to do. You can register on the website and keep track of your Paycheck Independence Day activity. And, as an added bonus, if you can answer a few questions that show us you read the book, Thomas Rood will personally help guide you down the road to Paycheck Independence Day at no additional cost.

One last thing. Earlier in this section I said " Paycheck Independence Day." I didn't say "buy it". You can read a friend's copy or get it at the library. No problem. Thomas Rood will still help you, at no additional cost, if you can answer a few questions to show you read the book.

The book is available in both Kindle and paperback format.

The Kindle format costs $9.99 - about the price of lunch at the "drive-thru".

The paperback costs $16.95 - about the price of a "sit-down lunch".

Just think. You're about to learn everything you need to know to get rich, for the price of lunch. How cool is that!

Now, click the link and it will take you to the Paycheck Independence Day page on

The Link
Get the book at


Will you still be working in your 50's, 60's, and beyond? The time is now. Get out of debt forever. Start living a life of luxury, the life you always dreamed of, the life you deserve. CLICK THE LINK AND DO IT NOW!

The Link
Get the book at

Thank you for taking the time to stop by. I hope by now you realize that, yes indeed, YOU can stop needing a paycheck to pay bills. I'm going to leave you with a few thoughts from the last paragraph of Chapter One:

So, I ask you to please join me. We are going on a very pleasant and enjoyable little trip. Where are we going? We are going down the road to Paycheck Independence Day.

Ready for Paradise? The only thing missing is YOU!


Read Paycheck Independence Day NOW!

Get the book at