Paycheck Independence Day
Learn How to Use Your Paycheck to Stop Needing a Paycheck
Thomas P. Rood
Let's Find $500
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Paycheck Independence Day FREE Tools to help you manage your money.

Soon, we will begin adding tools to the website to help you manage your money the Paycheck Independence way.

The first tool will be the Find Money Tool. This tool will do exactly what its name says. It will help you find money. In preparation for using this tool, please read the Let's Find $500 article.

More tools will be coming soon including:

  • Find Money Tool
  • List Your Bills and Annual Amounts
  • Categorize Your Bills Using the Paycheck Independence Day Categories
  • Determine the Correct Sequence to Stop Paying Your Bills Using Your Paycheck
  • Determine How Much You Will Need to Invest for Each Bill and How Long Each One Will Take
  • Checklists for Everything You Will Do to Stop Using Your Paycheck to Pay Bills