Machine Users can have multiple API Keys to make it easy to rotate keys. Every API key also has fine grained permissions.


Create a machine user

Go to SettingsMachine Users and click “Add Machine User”

A Machine User has two fields:

  • Name: This is just visible to you and could indicate the usage e.g. “Autoresponder”
  • Public name: This is the name visible to customers (if the Machine User interacts with customers) e.g. “Mr Robot”

Create an API Key

Click “Add API Key” and select the permissions you need. When making API calls, if you have insufficient permissions, the error should tell you which permissions you need.

The relevant documentation will tell you which permissions are required for each feature.

Once you’ve made an API key you should copy it and put it somewhere safe, as you will not be able to see it again once you navigate away.


Go build things 🚀

That’s it! Now that you have an API key you can use this with our SDKs or within any API call as a header:

Authorization: Bearer plainApiKey_xxx