Assignment within Plain

Threads can be assigned to any user in your workspace.

When you start typing a message, Plain will automatically assign you, so you typically don’t have to think about assigning yourself manually.

If you want to assign a thread manually, you can use the shortcut A or use ⌘ + K.

By default in Plain, once you are assigned to a thread, you will never be automatically unassigned. This ensures that if you pick up a support request, you can see it through. We call this behavior “sticky assignment”.

If you’d like to change this behavior, you can do so in SettingsWorkflow. Here you can choose to be automatically unassigned when a thread is marked as Done or Snoozed.

We recommend turning sticky assignment off if your team has a shared support rota. That way, whoever is on-call can pick up any threads you didn’t finish.

If you have sticky assignment on but are going on holiday you can turn on Away Mode in the top left menu within Plain. This will unassign you from any threads that come back to Todo.

If you are interested in building fully automated bots using Plain, you can also programmatically assign threads to machine users as a starting point. If this sounds like an interesting use-case to you, please reach out to us via