With contact forms, you can pre-triage every support request so that you know exactly what to prioritize in Plain.

Plain does not provide any UI components or a drop-in script tag. Instead, you use your own UI components and then use Plain’s API.

When a contact form is submitted, you first create the customer in Plain and then create a thread in Plain.

Depending on your desired behavior, you can also do other things as part of the form submission, such as add the customer to a customer group, set labels, and add a priority to a thread. Contact forms can take any shape and be very specific to your product and customers.

Here are just a few examples as starting points for you to customize:

Example floating contact form

This shows how you can build a very simple floating contact form (bottom right) in NextJS.

View demo ↗ | View source on Github↗

Screenshot of the floating contact form

Example advanced contact form

This shows a more advanced contact form in NextJS with structured inputs depending on the topic you are getting in touch about and categorization.

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Screenshot of the advanced contact form