Custom Timeline Entries

Custom Timeline Entries

With Custom Timeline Entries you can log custom events in a customer's timeline that are specific to your product and systems using the Plain API. This lets you have the full context when helping your customers as well as offer proactive support when something goes wrong.

Some example use cases for Custom Timeline Entries are:

  • Submitting custom contact forms for getting in touch, bug reports, feature requests, etc.
  • Logging important events specific to your product
  • Account level changes such as changes in the subscription tier
  • Outages or errors, so you know when someone gets in touch if they were affected
  • Invoicing events

Custom Timeline Entry examples

How it works

Custom Timeline Entries are created using the Plain API. You decide what to show by specifying the UI Components you want to show using our JSON API.

Make your first Custom Timeline Entry →


The Custom Timeline Entry Playground lets you build and preview the component JSON needed to create an entry. Use this to prototype an entry before building the real thing.

Custom Timeline Entry Playground → (opens in a new tab)

Custom Timeline Entries vs. Customer Cards

Timeline Entries are used to add context to a customer's timeline. They should be used when you want to add data at a specific point in time.

If you want to be able to always see certain key information about a customer (e.g. their pricing plan they are on) outside their timeline, then using Customer Cards is more appropriate.