Setting up email requires you to complete two steps:

If you follow this guide, bear in mind that:

  • All emails sent to that email address will be received by Plain (not your email provider’s inbox)
  • You can only use one domain per Plain workspace but can use multiple emails for the same domain.

If you need to receive a copy of each email sent to the support email address (for instance, to keep a copy in your company’s email inbox), there are ways to achieve this. Please get in touch with us by email at, and we will be happy to help.

What you will need

  • Your Plain workspace’s inbound email address (which ends with We will provide this during the email setup process.
  • Admin access to your domain’s DNS settings.
  • Admin access to your company’s email provider.
    • If you use Google for email, you will need admin access to the Google Workspace Admin console.

What makes a good support email address?

The only requirement is that your support email address uses your company’s domain. Email addresses using ,,, or any other public email provider are not supported.

We recommend you choose an email address that is easy to remember and clear that it represents a company. Good examples could be help@, support@, contact@ or hello@. Generally, we’d advise against a personal one like sonia@ or peter@ but they might also be fine, depending on your needs.