Receiving emails

Receiving emails in Plain

To receive emails, you need to set up email forwarding from your company's support email address (e.g. to your Plain workspace's inbound email address. Your workspace's inbound email address ends with and can be found in under SettingsEmail.


This assumes you use Google Workspace (formerly called Google Apps) to manage your domain's emails.

If your email provider is not Google, you can still set up email forwarding in different ways, such as with your domain registrar (e.g. DNSimple (opens in a new tab)) or your email provider (e.g. Microsoft 365 (opens in a new tab)).

Go to your Gmail routing configuration

You can find this here: (opens in a new tab)

Add a new rule

Under "Default routing" click on "CONFIGURE" or "ADD ANOTHER RULE"

Add new rule

Set the recipient

In the dropdown, select "Single recipient" and write your support email address under "Email address"

Add your support email address

Check the box "Change envelope recipient"

Replace the recipient

Choose "Replace recipient" and paste the inbound email address (

Replace recipient

Set who the rule applies to

Scroll further down, and choose "Perform this action on non-recognised and recognised addresses"

Apply to all addresses

Click on "Save"

That's it 💅