To connect your Zendesk account, head to SettingsZendesk importer and follow the instructions. You will need your Zendesk subdomain, e.g. plain in

When you connect your Zendesk account with Plain, we will import:

  • all your end users as Plain customers
  • all your tickets as Plain threads. We will import all messages in the tickets, including internal ones, which are imported as Plain notes. Tickets in status closed or solved will be imported as DONE threads. All others will be imported as TODO threads.
  • all the ticket tags as Plain labels

After you connect for the first time, we will import all your existing data. From that point, any new end user, ticket, message or tag created in your Zendesk account, will be automatically synced into Plain.

The data created through the Zendesk importer will not trigger any webhooks or auto-responders.

To stop syncing data from Zendesk, click on Disconnect in SettingsZendesk importer.

We will only create new records in Plain, we will never update existing ones:

  • once an end user is synced into Plain, further changes to that end user in Zendesk (e.g. changing their name) will not be synced into Plain
  • if a customer or label is modified on Plain after syncing them from Zendesk, further syncs from Zendesk will not override your changes on Plain