Example labels

Labels are a lightweight and powerful way to categorize threads in Plain.

We recommend categorizing threads into topics so you immediately know, at a glance, what people are getting in touch about.

For example:

  • “Bug report”
  • “Sales” or “Demo request”
  • “Feedback” or “Feature requests”
  • “API question”
  • “Security”
  • “Hiring”
  • etc.

In combination with setting thread priorities, labels can unlock powerful workflows and let you quickly triage your threads to work on what matters most, first.

To configure your labels, press ⌘ + K and search for “Manage labels” or go to SettingsLabels. Here you can define the icon and name your labels.

A thread can have multiple labels. They are displayed throughout the Plain UI wherever threads are visible.

In many cases, it’s also useful to add labels to threads programmatically.

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