Never miss another message from a customer in Slack

Our Slack integration lets you sync messages from selected Slack channels to Plain and respond directly to customers from the platform.

You will also be able to add context to Slack messages with customer cards, set labels and priorities, create Linear tickets, and much more.

Here’s how to get started:

1 Connect your workspaces

  • In Plain, navigate to Settings > Slack.
  • Press Connect to Slack.
  • Follow Slack’s instructions to make sure the correct Slack workspace is selected.
  • Authorize replies from your Slack profile to respond directly from Plain.

2 Add the Plain app to the channels you want to track

Once you’ve set up the integration in Plain, go to the Slack channels you want to track and invite the Plain app. You can do this by typing /invite, selecting Add apps to this channel and then choosing Plain.

When Plain is added to a channel, we automatically classify it as a Customer channel if it’s a Slack Connect channel or one for internal discussions otherwise.

For customer channels, we treat messages from non-Plain users as support requests, which are ingested as threads into Plain.

In discussion channels, on the other hand, we only ingest messages related to an on-going discussion.

3 Start responding 💬

Slack messages from the authorized channels will begin appearing as threads in Plain. To respond, press R and begin typing in Plain. Your responses will appear in Slack as if you are responding directly in the app.

Emojis ( : to search for the right one), syntax highlighting, and attachments are all supported in Plain.

Note - Slack messages sent by a Slack user that does not have an account in Plain (i.e. a customer) will create threads in Plain.