Snippets within Plain

Snippets are templated messages in Plain that you can quickly combine to help customers more quickly.

You can configure your snippets in SettingsSnippets.

You can then press [ to insert a snippet when writing in a thread.

Snippets can either be entire messages or short re-usable bits.

For example:

  • Common links such as to your docs, status page, calendar booking links etc.
  • Re-usable apologies and greetings such as “So sorry to hear about, let me look into that.” or “Is there anything else I can help you with?”
  • Common instructions and how-to’s to your product

Within snippets you can also use some variables to include dynamic data. The following variables can be used:

  • {{ }}: The customer’s email address.
  • {{ customer.fullName }}: The first and last name of the customer.
  • {{ customer.shortName }}: If set, the short/first name of the customer.
  • {{ user.publicName }}: Your public name (useful for signatures).