Example Thread Discussion

Thread discussions allow you to lead conversations with your team about support requests in Slack.

To start a discussion you can either do it from within the thread in Plain or simply copy & paste the thread link to that channel.

We will then unfurl the link for you and populate the Plain thread context for your wider team to be aware of, without leaving Slack. For your convenience, the discussion will also be visible in the Plain thread.

To enable this functionality, you will need to setup your Slack integration and add the Plain bot to your channel.

When Plain is added to a channel, we automatically classify it as a Customer channel if it’s a Slack Connect channel or one for internal discussions otherwise.

For customer channels, we treat messages from non-Plain users as support requests, which are ingested as threads into Plain.

In discussion channels, on the other hand, we only ingest messages related to an on-going discussion.

For good data hygiene, we don’t start discussions on all links to a Plain thread. We will not start a discussion if:

  • the link is posted by someone who is not a user in Plain.
  • the link is posted in a private channel Plain doesn’t have access to.
  • the link is posted in a customer channel (typically Slack Connect), although you can always adjust this from your Slack settings.

If you want to opt out of unfurling completely, you can disable thread discussions and link unfurling in your Slack integration settings.