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Meet the customer service tool you've always wanted. Modern defaults, opinionated workflows and incredibly fast to use.
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Made to make you fast Designed with a streamlined UI, keyboard shortcuts and an opinionated workflow.
Built around your customers No more duplicate tickets or multiple threads. Plain gives you a single customer timeline.
Easy to set up Chat and email out of the box. Ten minutes from signup to talking to your first customer.

One timeline for everything

Have all the information you need in one place to quickly help your customers. Push custom events and context from your own tools and services with a simple API call.
Subscription renewed
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Monthly Premium subscription renewed via Stripe.

+ $413.20

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  title: "Subscription renewed",
  components: [
      componentText: {
        text: "Monthly **Premium** subscription renewed via Stripe."
      componentSpacer: {
        spacerSize: "S"
      componentText: {
        textSize: "L",
        textColor: "SUCCESS",
        text: "**+ $413.20**"
      componentSpacer: {
        spacerSize: "M"
      componentLinkButton: {
        url: "http://stripe.com",
        label: "View in Stripe"
Email & chat

A single conversation

View all your chats and emails without hunting through tickets or multiple threads. In Plain, all your communications with a customer is shown on a single chronological timeline. You have one relationship with a customer. Now you have a way to see it.

Know what's happening, when and why

Track the reason customers get in touch about right in the timeline, all without interrupting the conversation or your workflow. Track multiple issues, change or resolve them anytime as the conversation evolves.

Manage your workload

Stay on top of your and your team's workload with Queues. Instantly see who needs help, who's being looked after and who needs a follow up. Plain also works out who to help next, so you can stay in the zone.

Seriously fast workflow

Plain is designed with your productivity in mind. A global command menu, helpful nudges that are there when you need them — we've got everything you'd expect from a modern tool.
Slack notifications

Don't miss a thing

Great support is fast. Plain will notify you in Slack the moment someone needs your help. Notifications can be sent directly to you or to a channel where your whole team can see them.
Full API Access

Designed API-first

Our app is built on top of the same GraphQL API you can use. From building your own UI to extending native functionality — integrate Plain in the way that works for you and your business.

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